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Phoot is the photography community based around Phoot Camp, an invite-only creative retreat and photography workshop.

This tumblelog is a collection of latest work from past and present Phoot Campers, along with others who make up the wider Phoot community.

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Fulfilling a brief within 4 hours of receiving it is rarely something I have to do, but that’s exactly what a new designer goes through every day on Made In The Now. This morning, I was that designer…well photographer. The idea behind Made In The Now, is to challenge a new designer with a brief based on a news article written that day, voted in by the public. With that article in mind, the designer creates a limited edition T-shirt, which is only available for 24 hours. As a photographer, I wanted to shoot something specific and not have to rely on a back catalog. Luckily, the article voted in didn’t have me struggling as much as it would for some of it’s candidates! I was to photograph and design a shirt based on an article about animals and their relationship with increasing brain activity. This is what I came up with. The shirt is only available for 24 hours, so if you want it, get in quick!

(I was actually also the photographer for these t-shirt models too…so meta)


I shot this portrait of Daniel at the Farmer’s markets in Marfa, Texas. He’s a great young photographer and does some of his best work on film. I love this series he shot of all the photographers at Phoot Camp this year:

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chad the cowboy by lomokev on Flickr.

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