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Phoot 2013 Update

I’ve mentioned a few times that Phoot might happen in the fall this year (pushed back in part because I had a baby in January).

We’ve tossed around a LOT of ideas and spoken with some amazing potential partners, but it felt like to do anything we really wanted to, squeezing it into 2013 would be rushing it. So, to be clear, there will not be a Phoot Camp this year.

I’m headed off to Colorado this weekend for a reunion of Phoot alums (look for #unphoot on Instagram) where we’ll talk a lot about the future of Phoot and what it could look like.

One idea I’ve been personally excited about is a larger “Phoot Fest” (200-300 people coming together around joy for photography and friendship), but who knows. I’m open to any ideas, and I can’t wait to brainstorm this weekend with the people who know Phoot best.

More soon! Feel free to email me with any questions or ideas, though I’ll be on the road so it may take a while to respond. phootcamp at gmail dot com.

Today’s Featured Print! By Ryan Schude and Lauren Randolph

The cinematic group shots led by Ryan Schude, often in collaboration with Lauren Randolph, have always been a very special part of Phoot Camp for all four years we’ve been doing it. I like to think of it as our version of a “team building exercise” as these two plan for weeks/months ahead of time, spend a fortune on props, and then deftly arrange and direct us into our places. From there they work with the personalities and ad libbing of the group, and magic happens. It’s always one of my favorite parts of Phoot Camp, and I’ve framed the prints from each year in my own home. While the prints look nice on screen, there’s nothing like seeing them in print.

Consider picking up one of the edition of 10 if you have fond memories of your own summer camp experiences, or just love outdoor activities.

Order a print the day it’s featured and we won’t charge you for shipping! Use code: FREESHIP by midnight!

Also, if you’re interested in buying the giant 36”x60” version of this print shown at the Photoville exhibit for $1500, email phootcamp at It looks amazing at that size and would be a total stunner in the right home.

-Laura Brunow Miner, Phoot Camp founder/organizer


Check out @ryanschude’s interview in this month’s Rangefinder magazine, featuring images and a lighting diagram of our #phootcamp collaborations. (Taken with instagram)



I still can’t believe I got to go to Phoot Camp this summer, it was fun-filled-photgraphy-dream come true. We joined creative forces in Marfa, TX and made the most of the 3 days we had together.  What I learned at Phoot Camp:


Daniel Seung Lee and Lauren Randolph having fun in the shade. Somewhere in Arizona on the way to (from?) Phootcamp. Follow the Phoot Camp blog on Tumblr to see everyone’s work.

©Ryan Schude



It was at the end of a long, tiring drive when we reached White Sands, New Mexico.  We parked the RV, took off our shoes and rushed up a bunch of sand dunes to check out the view. I quickly snapped this photo of Laura taking in the breeze and beautiful surrounds, taking a moment to be in her own world.  Later on, I think I remember her mentioning that the way she looks in this image is exactly how she felt.  I love that I was able to capture someone else’s reality, something that I love to do, but find to be one of the biggest challenges in photography.

Follow the Phoot Camp blog on Tumblr to see everyone’s work.


I shot this portrait of Daniel at the Farmer’s markets in Marfa, Texas. He’s a great young photographer and does some of his best work on film. I love this series he shot of all the photographers at Phoot Camp this year:

Follow the Phoot Camp blog on Tumblr to see everyone’s work.


Daniel Seung Lee at The Forge

Follow the Phoot Camp blog to see everyone’s work.



Butler and Clinard geeking out in this lost image from last June. As you can tell from the long shadows, you don’t get much sleep at Phoot Camp.

untitled by robertjosiah on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Caesy Oney / Marfa TX / June 2011

Phoot Camp 2011
Follow the Phoot Camp blog on Tumblr to see everyone’s work.

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