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Phoot is the photography community based around Phoot Camp, an invite-only creative retreat and photography workshop.

This tumblelog is a collection of latest work from past and present Phoot Campers, along with others who make up the wider Phoot community.

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Daniel Seung Lee and Lauren Randolph having fun in the shade. Somewhere in Arizona on the way to (from?) Phootcamp. Follow the Phoot Camp blog on Tumblr to see everyone’s work.

©Ryan Schude


I shot this portrait of Daniel at the Farmer’s markets in Marfa, Texas. He’s a great young photographer and does some of his best work on film. I love this series he shot of all the photographers at Phoot Camp this year:

Follow the Phoot Camp blog on Tumblr to see everyone’s work.



Butler and Clinard geeking out in this lost image from last June. As you can tell from the long shadows, you don’t get much sleep at Phoot Camp.

Phoot Camp 2011 by Lucy Hewett on Flickr.

Godbold Feed Company, Marfa, Texas on Flickr.

What made me fall in love with Marfa? It has the modest rural charm I loved in my seven years in Kansas, a world-class creative community (art/design/NPR/great food/etc), and about perfect weather. Can’t wait to visit again.

Ma’am by X-travalueMeal#2 on Flickr.

(Editor’s note: Watching my city boy friends pick up Texas manners was one of my favorite parts of Phoot Camp this year!)

NEIL BERRETT & BEAR by X-travalueMeal#2 on Flickr.

Joel Barhamand photographs Neil Berrett in Marfa, TX.

BROOKE by X-travalueMeal#2 on Flickr.

Candid shot in Marfa, TX.

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