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Phoot is the photography community based around Phoot Camp, an invite-only creative retreat and photography workshop.

This tumblelog is a collection of latest work from past and present Phoot Campers, along with others who make up the wider Phoot community.

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Daniel Seung Lee and Lauren Randolph having fun in the shade. Somewhere in Arizona on the way to (from?) Phootcamp. Follow the Phoot Camp blog on Tumblr to see everyone’s work.

©Ryan Schude

Phoot Camp 2011 on Flickr.

Photo by Lauren Randolph
Via Flickr:
Ryan poses for a photo inspired by fellow Phoot Camper, Gabriela Herman, and her series on Bloggers.
Cabazon, California

Phoot Camp 2011 on Flickr.

Photo by Lauren Randolph
Via Flickr:
Dan Busta
Diner Planking

The folks travelling to Phoot Camp from LA (aka the LA RV) hit the road today, and they sure are bringing the awesome. They stencilled matching t-shirts, fashioned a homemade banner, and found a way to attach a cow skull to the front of their RV.

I can speak for the folks RVing from San Francisco when I say we’re super impressed, a little jealous, and totally game for a little friendly rivalry.

Photos by Steph Goralnick (1, 2, 4) and Lauren Randolph (3).

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