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Phoot is the photography community based around Phoot Camp, an invite-only creative retreat and photography workshop.

This tumblelog is a collection of latest work from past and present Phoot Campers, along with others who make up the wider Phoot community.

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First Phoot Camp photo challenge!

Let’s see YOUR work on the Phoot Camp blog! I mentioned in our birthday post that I wanted to open up the Phoot Camp community wider. We’ll start by getting to know new photographers through monthly photo challenges curated by Phoot alums.

The first one is “Love Letter to Summer” with Liz Devine. Here’s what she had to say:

"I’m always chasing the sun. It leads me to rivers and lakes, to BBQs and beaches. It shines on the faces of my friends and reminds us to smile. This series of photos is my ode to the sun, my love letter to summer.”

SUBMIT YOUR PIC NOW! You have until November 6.


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    And so it begins! The Phoot Camp universe is expanding and you can be part of it! The first challenge will be curated by...
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