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Phoot is the photography community based around Phoot Camp, an invite-only creative retreat and photography workshop.

This tumblelog is a collection of latest work from past and present Phoot Campers, along with others who make up the wider Phoot community.

If you'd like to be considered as an attendee of the Phoot Camp 2014 event, enter your info here.



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Come see BRAND new work, at an exhibition curated completely from images taken last weekend at Phoot Camp by the 35 talented photographer attendees. We’ll be at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 3, in Dumbo, starting Friday evening at 7 pm, so come say hi!



Sneak peek at the all new #phootcamp group shot from @laurenlemon and I. If you are near NYC this Friday, come see it in person! More info at (Taken with Instagram at Duggal Visual Solutions)

This is what we made at Phoot Camp, be sure to come out to Photoville this Friday to see the print for yourself!


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