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Here is Alfredo’s Fruit Cart. I created this image for the California Love show now on display. The final print measures 36X31 inches. What I love most about the feed back last night was the fact that no one really knew that it was completely set up and choreographed. I did have some people ask about the umbrellas but most people simply took it for reality. In Los Angeles we have these fruit vendors on just about every eastside block in the summer. It would be strange but not totally unreal for one vendor to go a bit wild with his umbrellas.

The true reality was about a week of production into coordinating umbrellas, location, translating with Alfredo, and the equipment to install the umbrellas. The picture here was shot on medium format Hasselblad. 

A special thanks to A. Dola Baroni for coordinating the event and extra love to Collins Schude who headed up the amazing amount of work done for the event. Words can not describe.


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