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I spent Saturday in an RV park out on Lake Martin. It was lots of fun.

April 2014




I shot this dinner party/book club scene for Cosmo in my very own apt in January. It was such a different shoot for me in that it was fully produced with stylists of all sorts and assistants and creatives on set, as well as being shot exclusively with strobe lights. I was definitely I bit nervous going into it, especially knowing there was going to be almost 20 people in my tiny Brooklyn brownstone, but it ended up being so much fun! Plus I got to shoot the whole thing in my slippers, not many shoots where one can say that! 



Schöneberg, Berlin.


Albemarle, North Carolina - March 2014


Alix and Andrew.  Joshua Tree, CA.


Alone in River’s Wood by Kevin Meredith.


Playing in the studio.


Haleakalā Crater over the course of two hours. April 2014, Maui.


Natalie Stravas and members of Sole Train: Boston Runs Together

Shot for Runner’s World - out now

Thanks to Michele Ervin for the really cool assignment. This was one of the funnest (and coldest) shoots I’ve been on. 

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